Before the Breach

  1. Preemptive Breach Detection

    Most organizations are closer to a major data breach than they know.

    9 out of 10 enterprises are already compromised, but lack the visibility and evidence to respond.

    Now there’s a way to get past the fear, uncertainty and doubt. Empower your security team to detect, contain and respond to ongoing attacks in minutes rather than months – before a breach causes lost or stolen data.

    TaaSera NetTrust helps prevent data breaches, insider threats and business continuity disruption by detecting and analyzing evidence of hidden behaviors.

  2. Discover Hidden Behaviors

    Uncover Threat DNA Inside the Network Perimeter

    NetTrust works differently than tools using network and file signatures, sandbox execution, baseline anomalies, big data or log file analysis.

    Well-planned attacks hide their tracks and don’t leave evidence. They evade detection, persist on endpoints, obfuscate lateral movement and tunnel inside seemingly legitimate traffic to exfiltrate data.

    NetTrust uses patented behavior detection technology to see through these techniques and help you quickly detect, contain and respond before the breach.

  3. Rank Infected Systems by Breach Risk and Impact

    Augment SOC Response with Automated Analytics

    NetTrust empowers your security team to pivot on infected systems and realize an economy of clicks, rather than chasing millions of events.

    Automated contextual analytics and evidence-based risk analysis provide unprecedented visibility. Drill down on runtime behaviors instead of parsing after-the-fact log files.

    Share threat patterns across partners, instrument for Cloud orchestration, and integrate behavior analysis into your enterprise security ecosystem.

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    Before the Breach

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