Preemptive Breach Intervention | TaaSera AWARE


The TaaSera Attack Warning and Response Engine (AWARE) is the core platform underlying TaaSera’s ecosystem.

The AWARE platform includes network, endpoint, mobile and temporal event-based malware detection and risk modeling, as well as unparalleled threat feed data on malicious IP addresses.

AWARE not only provides users with detailed forensic evidence of malware attacks and infections, but also presents correlated, situational infection data to a graphical management console for users to prioritize, take action and remediate.

The platform integrates data feeds from third-party analysis tools like whitelisting and binary analysis, as well as vulnerability, configuration, compliance and patch management systems to extend results and increase its value.

That’s why TaaSera AWARE improves the efficiency and return on investment for nearly every component of today’s layered IT security defense, boosting the protection of underlying business systems and information, and preventing costly data breaches before they occur.