Preemptive Breach Intervention | TaaSera AWARE

About TaaSera

TaaSera is a cyber security company spun out from SRI Ventures after 5 years of development and over $10 million in Army research funding. Led by former PWC CEO Scott Hartz, the company has 7 patents issued and pending.

TaaSera builds runtime behavior detection solutions used by the world’s leading companies and government agencies to identify previously unseen attacks and infections as they occur - before they result in breach or exfiltration.

Unlike technologies that review published exploit signatures or other historical data, assess potential vulnerabilities or analyze the impact of malware programs in non-production staging environments, TaaSera software solutions leverage patented behavior detection capabilities to highlight the emergence of previously unseen attacks as they are being carried out -- providing organizations with the specific information necessary to adjust defenses and mitigate vulnerabilities targeted by today’s sophisticated threats.

TaaSera provides an embedded source of strategic intelligence within a broad range of third party solutions and services. The TaaSera Attack Warning and Response Engine (AWARE) improves the effectiveness of nearly every element of today’s layered IT security defenses to boost protection of underlying business systems and information, and prevent costly data breach incidents.