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Government Needs the Private Sector to Improve Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks continue to rear their ugly head as a major security threat to American infrastructure.  Private- and public-sector entities alike are finding themselves victims of security breaches and data swipes.  Hackers can come from anywhere – inside or outside the United States – and their goals can vary.  Some are after state or industrial secrets, while others are after that valuable 21st-Century commodity, customer data.  Still more hackers simply want to cause chaos, disrupting commerce and peoples’ lives for cheap thrills.  But since cyber-attacks are launched against government

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Capitol Hill Joins Business Leaders in Cybersecurity Progress

Last week, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence passed legislation intended to help the U.S. Government and American companies thwart cybersecurity attacks, the Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA). Should this legislation pass Congress and be signed into law, it would be a big step towards tightening our nation’s security online.

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Cybersecurity progress on Capitol Hill

Recent reports from Capitol Hill suggest that the Senate is making progress on a bill to address our nation’s pressing cyber security concerns. Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Ranking Member Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) have hammered out draft cybersecurity legislation, and are currently circulating it for comment from interested parties on and off the Hill.

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Security is a Shared Responsibility

TaaSera believes we all have a responsibility to keep cyber safe. Our part in this is detecting advanced or zero-day malware and working to clean it up before it results in a breach. Over the last couple months, we've detected and notified companies of hundreds of machines trying to infect our customers/partners around the globe. We've found that many companies need more resources and processes to act quickly when notified of an infected machine, much like they have in the event of a breach.

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The Epicenter Of Cloud Computing

Trust is at the epicenter of Cloud Computing and the single most powerful enabler for cloud migration, and probably even more compelling than promises of savings in CapEx and OpEx.

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Why Security Needs to Handle Change-Ups

In baseball, the change-up is a pitch that arrives much slower to the plate. The reduced speed coupled with a deceptive delivery style is intended to confuse the batter's timing. In similar style, low-and-slow threats are the slow-ball of Cyber Attacks.

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