Preemptive Breach Intervention | TaaSera AWARE

Find Hidden Infections and Compromised Systems

TaaSera AWARE continuously monitors your network traffic to identify high-risk applications and systems behavior.

Monitor Continuously

AWARE continuously monitors runtime network and endpoint behaviors to find the high-risk needle in the haystack of virtual and cloud computing.

Unlike intrusion detection, TaaSera’s patented virtual appliance detects risky behavior from the inside out, rather than defending from the perimeter in.

Reduce your Risk of Breach

It typically takes more than 8 months to detect compromised systems inside the soft core of your virtualized data center and desktops.

TaaSera reduces the risk of breach by finding hidden infections more quickly and efficiently.


Detect infected and at-risk systems before they result in a breach or loss of service. Click here to learn how.

How is TaaSera able to detect previously unseen infections before they evolve and result in data loss? Click here to learn how our solutions work.

What are the 12 telltale signs of malicious behavior that allow TaaSera to continuously monitor for previously unseen infections? Click here to understand the research at the heart of our solutions.

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